A marketing plan is your roadmap to success.  It defines the specific course of action you’ll follow to drive the awareness and leads you need to meet your financial goals.

Our Marketing Plan in a Box is designed to jumpstart your marketing and quickly get you moving on the road to success.  It results in an actionable plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Our Marketing Plan in a Box includes three major components:

  1. Build the Foundation – We work together to build the foundation for the marketing plan.  We’ll identify your target market and audience, review the competition, create your unique value propositions, establish positioning and pricing, and develop your messaging.
  2. Evaluate Promotion and Lead Gen Activities – Once we’ve built the foundation, we’ll consider all the possible promotional and lead gen strategies and activities.  We’ll evaluate each for its “suitability” to your company, product, and financial goals.
  3. Create the Game Plan—Finally, we’ll create the game plan.  The game plan identifies the complete list of promotional and lead gen activities over a specified period of time.  It also identifies all the various tools you’ll need for each activity.  Plus, we’ll develop budget estimates and metrics for each of the line items in the Game Plan.

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