Talisa’s executive coaching approach offered me a very creative and individualized opportunity for leadership development. Her use of co-active tools to identify professional and personal areas for development led to a very clear vision for our coaching sessions. By owning the identification of developmental goals and techniques for improvement, I will be able to build on this engagement for many years.
— Tom Painter, Director, Office of Human Resources, U.S. Government

The business world is more dynamic and complex than ever. Organizations demand executives and leaders who can navigate today’s complex economic, political, and technological environments. And, at the same time, lead, motivate, and inspire the organization.

At Ernstmann Consulting, our goal is to develop well-rounded executives and leaders who can meet the demands of the business, but also meet the demands of their colleagues, stakeholders, and the public.  We do this through executive and leadership coaching that is reflective, actionable, and results-oriented.  We use a variety of tools to collect information on our “coachees” and then conduct a series of private, personal coaching sessions to ensure they are prepared to drive business and personal success. 


Multi-rater Assessments:  Certified to deliver and interpret the Leadership Circle Profile and other 360-degree feedback assessments.  Honest, direct feedback from subordinates, peers, bosses, and others. 



Style Assessments:  Certified to deliver and interpret individual assessments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC Profile, and StrengthsFinder.  Coachees can learn more about themselves and what makes them tick.

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Coaching Sessions:  Confidential, one-on-one coaching sessions aimed at addressing issues, challenges, or outcomes identified during assessment.


Reinforcement Plan:  To keep the momentum going.  Reinforce and sustain gains made during the coaching sessions.


Certified:  Our coaches have extensive training through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the foremost coaching school in the world.